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Meeting Minutes, May 27, 2014



  • Paul Roelandt, Mike Shamo, Zacharia Levine

Meeting objective

  • To discuss the creation of a QOL survey, and how it will be implemented through the gateway community forum.

Three resources are discussed in this meeting

  • QOL survey from Burlington, VT and follow-up report (provided by Resford Rouzer, conducted through ecological economics class at University of Vermont)
  • Appreciative Inquiry-based approach to QOL in the Grand Staircase-Escalante region (provided by Paul Roelandt, conducted through a community development group at Arizona State University and BLM-Grand Staircase [Jeff Beale])
  • Journal article: Exploring the Nature of Tourism and Quality of Life Perceptions among Residents by Kathleen L. Andereck and Gyan P. Nyaupane (provided by Kelly Bricker)

Initial Stage

  • Target audience: Gateway Community Forum participants
  • Online questionnaire 
  • Goal: Identify communities that are ripe for exploration of quality of life components

Sample Questions to Gateway Community Forum Participants

  1. To your knowledge, and within the last 10 years, has your community completed any formal process(es) to identify, preserve, or enhance quality of life factors? If no, skip to question 4.
  2. On a scale of 1-10, do residents view the processes as successes (10) or failures (1)?
  3. On a scale of 1-10, do residents view the outcomes as successes (10) or failures (1)?
  4. Would your community benefit from a formalized effort to identify its unique quality of life factors?
  5. If yes, who should we contact next?
  6. When is the best time (season) to distribute household surveys in your community?
  7. On a scale of 1-10, how ready is your community to consider quality of life (1-not ready, 10-very ready)?
  8. Please rank the following QOL factors in terms of importance to your community (options).

Second Stage

  • Develop locality-specific quality of life survey(s)
  • Develop plan of action with community leader(s)
  • Resources needed to accomplish community assessment

Next meeting

  • Monday, June 23rd @ 11am


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Meeting Minutes, March 31, 2014



  • Jodie Hugentobler, Mike Shamo, Resford Rouser, Zacharia Levine, Zachary Bolick, Daniel Roper


  • Thank you to those present on the call.
  • Daniel Roper is happy to join for the first time. Dan is a masters student in planning at the University of Utah. He has a long history of working in gateway communities as an outdoor sports event coordinator. Dan is the program director of Utah High School Mountain Biking and has worked extensively with the BLM. He is interested in collaborative, private-public partnerships, stakeholder engagement, and trail development. Dan is part of the team of students putting together a working group panel for the American West Center conference in September.

Individual updates

  • Zacharia Levine updated the group on our working group proposal for the American West Center’s “Western lands, Western voices” conference.
  • Zacharia, Mike Shamo, Dan Roper and Resford Rouzer plan to submit the proposal next week. The group hopes to include Jodie Hugentobler and Mayor Dave Sakrison in the working group. Their proposed title is: “Public scholarship and the future of gateway communities: Lessons from Moab, UT.” The group would also like to find an additional (non-academic) female to participate in order to have broad representation.
  • Mike Shamo, Zach Bolick, and Dan Roper attended the Wallace Stegner forum on national parks and public lands at the University of Utah. Utah NP Director Jon Jarvis and Utah BLM Director Juan Palma presented. Two major themes of the forum were quality of life and the economic impacts of national parks throughout the state. It was clear that the NPCA and our community action team are on the mark.
  • Jodie Hugentobler described a couple of Chamber events. Two new businesses in town will be featured at an upcoming ribbon cutting ceremony: Moab Under Canvas (glamour camping) and Aristo’s (new Mediterranean restaurant).
  • A Uintah County Commissioner and Vernal’s Economic Development Director recently presented in Moab. They discussed the positive impacts seen by oil and gas activity, which has transformed their economy.
  • Uintah and Grand Counties are exploring the possibility of developing a road through the Book Cliffs. Uintah County is likely to fund the feasibility study. Jodie states that the road is a controversial issue, and it is very typical of the divide in perspectives on economic development in the area.
  • Ashley Korenblat wants to present to the Moab Chamber this summer about the BLM’s Master Leasing Process and how it relates to the outdoor economy.
  • We discussed the possibility of our QOL group attending or contributing to the Moab Chamber. This holds great promise for our group’s goal of putting the QOL conversation front and center with important players. 
  • Chamber meetings take place on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, but April’s has been replaced by a jeep appreciation ride. This coincides with the spring Jeep Safari. If we want to present anything, we’ll need to schedule far in advance

Request from leadership team:

  • Identify top 3 priority areas and action agenda
  • Create a framework (process or template) for gateway communities to identify their important and unique components of quality of life, as well as the challenges of preserving and enhancing these characteristics.
  • Create “the” Moab case study, which highlights success stories and future work.
  • Present these findings to different audiences
  • Another fall conference presentation/panel idea: American Planning Association (Utah chapter) -- "regional planning issues"
  • This year, the Utah chapter of the American Planning Association (APA) is looking for regional and collaborative perspectives. Our QOL group could propose a panel session very similar to the one we are proposing for the American West Center conference. Utah APA is presenting in Springdale on Thursday and Friday. David Nimkin, Juan Palma, and Jim Ireland (Superintendant at Tipanogos, Utah NP Coordinator) will be on a panel.

Next steps

  • Our next meeting will take place on April 28, 2014. 


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Brief Summary of the Challenge or Opportunity: In the late 1990’s increasing parking and vehicle congestion in Zion National Park led to resource impacts and diminished the visitor’s experience. The challenge was to develop a transportation system that would accommodate increasing visitation to the Park, preserve natural resources, and enhance the visitor experience.

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Meeting Minutes, January 27, 2014


  • Zachariah Levine, Paul Roelandt, Jodie Hugentobler, Mike Shamo, Cory MacNulty, Zachary Bolick, David Nimkin

Mission/Vision Statement

  • This group needs to move forward by drafting a vision (what is an ideal community process) and mission statement (what it is we'd like to accomplish) for itself.
  • This group could help produce a document that offers guidance and best practices for developing communities.

NPCA Progress

  • NPCA is in the middle of collecting information for the website www.utahgatewaycommunity.org.
  • Cory and Zach hope to launch the website by the end of February.
  • It might be helpful to provide a space where people can link to research papers related to community planning.

Group Ideas

  • Can we help some communities define for themselves what it is they want their community to look like in the years to come (identify their ideal balance)? If so perhaps we can help organize a session in that community for this and provide facilitation for it (Sonoran institute).
  • Can we identify and provide communities with a process template for accomplishing the above?
  • We can bring quality of life indicators into economic development discussions.

Next Steps

  • Hold our next meeting a month from now on February 24th at 11:00 am.
  • Draft and review a mission/vision statement.
  • Zachariah will send meeting reminder out.
  • Everyone will look into case studies and examples of planning processes.
  • Everyone will look into inviting other key people to join this discussion.
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Meeting Minutes, December 4, 2013


  • Zachariah Levine, Paul Roelandt, Jodie Hugentobler, Mike Shamo, Cory MacNulty, Zachary Bolick
  • Convener: Zachariah Levine, Phone: 760-889-2623, Email: , Title: Univ of Utah PhD. Candidate

Initial Ideas

  • There is potential to convene a meeting that could be hosted by the Moab chamber of commerce in order to help fill the "visioning" gap that exists there.
  • This group could help produce a document that offers guidance and best practices for developing communities.


  • Did Dean Cook believe Springdale could serve as a model for putting together a best practices document?
  • Springdale has been successful at developing its community in that it has put into place effective business and zoning restrictions. Despite this there are still issues there such as the cost of living and the cost of doing business.


  • NPCA may be able to offer some sort of facilitation training.
  • Cory and Zach will be outlining a budget and then pursuing future funding for things such as a website and events.

Action Items

  • Paul has been involved in a number complex community development processes and can reach out to Nature Conservancy who has experience doing these sorts of things.
  • This group might consider hosting a multiday workshop that involves producing deliverables by the end of it. It might be necessary to bring in more expertise for a project like this.

Next Steps

  • Zachariah will follow up with a doodle poll for a January meeting.
  • Mike and Zachariah will help prepare an agenda for the next meeting with a list of major issues that need to be discussed.
  • Paul wants us to think about producing a template regarding "what works and what doesn't" with community development.
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