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Red Canyon Trail in Garfield County

Brief Summary of the Challenge or Opportunity: The Red Canyon Trail is a bicycle/pedestrian paved trail system that runs adjacent to Scenic Byway 12, Utah's All-American Road in Garfield County Utah. There are three phases to the bicycle/pedestrian trail. This success story addresses the latest phase (Phase III) as seen on the project map. Phase III was the opportunity to participate in public outreach and conceptual planning to continue this excellent community enhancement.

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Meeting Minutes, February 24, 2014


  • Jim Ireland, Gael Hill, Thomas Dansie, Loyal Clark, Cory MacNulty, Zachary Bolick, Rick Schuler


  • We need to get scenic byways contacts from Gael.
  • Cory and Zach met with Nancy Dalton, Paul Roelandt, and others in Parowan to discuss collaborative projects that are occurring in that area.
  • Cory and Zach also met with Kaitlin Eskelson of the Utah Office of Tourism to speak about how the Gateway work can be incorporated in the Office of Tourism conference in September (panel discussion with federal land managers on it, etc...)
  • Website is still under construction and more content is needed before it can be launched.


  • Cory noted that we need to identify where the gaps are in communication so that we can help encourage better collaboration by filling those gaps.
  • Tom feels that all we can do is get our message out there and then it's up to other people to decide whether or not they want to be engaged in collaborative projects.
  • Who is missing? Gael suggested we get Charlie Delorme and others into the conversation.
  • Loyal and Rick feel that one of the biggest challenges facing Utah USFS staff is the state's representative's total unawareness of USFS restrictions and mission. People need to know more about what the USFS does.
  • Loyal pointed out that there are a lot of grants and other funding sources available for collaborative projects but that communities must apply for them and not the agencies because of parameter restrictions.

Next Steps

  • Everyone needs to work on case studies and send them in to Zach for the website.
  • People should forward Zach any events they hear about that they'd like to have listed on the website event calendar.
  • If anyone identifies funding opportunities or sources they should send those to Zach.
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Monday, 17 March 2014 00:00

Meeting Minutes, January 27, 2014


  • Jim Ireland, Cory Roegner, Gael Hill, Dave Nimkin, Thomas Dansie, Loyal Clark, Cory MacNulty, Zachary Bolick, Rick Schuler


  • Cory and Zach have been meeting with Brad Petersen and Delynn Fielding about how the state might be able to tie into the website.
  • It was confirmed that the Utah Gateway Community Design Team would like to continue to meet.
  • Gael noted that LaVerkin recently completed a high intersection and used a Scenic Byway grant to do it.

Where to focus?

  • People often don't know who the right contacts are in a region in order to get a project going. Perhaps we could help by putting together a directory of key contacts (agency and community folks).
  • Need to improve the communication between parks, astronomy clubs, communities, agencies, chambers of commerce, and individual leaders.
  • Jim thinks it's important to figure out who our target audience is for
  • Everyone thinks it would be a good idea to have an archive on the website that contains a collection of collaborative success story examples throughout Utah.

Next Steps

  • Jim Ireland will put together a directory of NPS Utah contacts.
  • Cory Roegner will put together a directory of BLM Utah contacts.
  • Loyal Clark will put together a directory of USFS Utah contacts.
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Monday, 17 March 2014 00:00

Meeting Minutes, November 26, 2013


  • Jim Ireland, Brad Petersen, Gael Hill, Louis Haynes, Thomas Dansie, Loyal Clark, Cory MacNulty, Zachary Bolick
  • Convener: Jim Ireland, Phone: 801-756-5239 x101, Email: , Title: Timpanogos Cave Superintendent

Initial Ideas

  • Identify where collaboration is happening today and where we have gaps, then begin to develop a plan to close the gaps.
  • Develop a communication plan around collaboration, and share the plan broadly, especially taking advantage of electronic means of communication.
  • Identify best practices, case studies where good collaboration is happening and create a "template" or "road map" for regions or communities to duplicate what has worked elsewhere.
  • Need for a tangible product(s). Could be a plan, event, examples of case studies, etc., but something concrete.
  • Look for ways that agencies and others not only communicate but 'add value' to the work of others or to the end result.
  • Use of existing groups, networks, meetings /events, etc. to support better collaboration. The Scenic Byways, for example, tie together a number of stakeholders and agencies along their lengths.
  • Collaboration is an "umbrella" of sorts, touching many different issues and projects. This group can help develop and provide tools to help others improve collaboration.

Who is missing?

  • Marcy DeMillion from NPS and RTCA.
  • County and rural economic development people (Delyn Fielding, Dan Royal, Jake Harding).
  • BLM presence

NPCA and Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation Roles

  • How does NPCA tie into the Utah website?
  • Cory, Zach, and others to sign onto the newsletter.
  • Cory and Zach will meet with Brad to further discuss the similarities, differences, and avenues for collaboration regarding the recreation website, etc...
  • How robust is NPCA's list of community leaders and could it help inform Brad's? Also, is this a list worth sharing with the collaboration group for future projects?
  • How broad should our group be and what is NPCA's capacity to sustain this? We need to make sure we're complimenting Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation's work and not duplicating it.

Future Team Actions

  • Jim noted that in addition to communication, this group might play a role in identifying key examples of successful collaboration from around the state. Louise and Tom feel that the Springdale area could play a large role here.
  • Tom and Loyal suggested that the group help identify and connect leaders on a regional basis. In other words, how is it the collaboration group can help make regions stronger and better connected with the leaders in their areas?
  • Do we spend time looking into the possibility of putting together a report regarding best practices or do we simply offers examples of success?

Next Steps

  • Jim agreed to create a doodle poll to schedule a follow up meeting in mid-December in order to keep momentum going before the Christmas / New Year holiday, with the goal for that meeting of identifying key efforts / work products and champions for each who will begin to develop them early next year.
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