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Meeting Minutes, May 27, 2014

Published in Quality of Life



  • Paul Roelandt, Mike Shamo, Zacharia Levine

Meeting objective

  • To discuss the creation of a QOL survey, and how it will be implemented through the gateway community forum.

Three resources are discussed in this meeting

  • QOL survey from Burlington, VT and follow-up report (provided by Resford Rouzer, conducted through ecological economics class at University of Vermont)
  • Appreciative Inquiry-based approach to QOL in the Grand Staircase-Escalante region (provided by Paul Roelandt, conducted through a community development group at Arizona State University and BLM-Grand Staircase [Jeff Beale])
  • Journal article: Exploring the Nature of Tourism and Quality of Life Perceptions among Residents by Kathleen L. Andereck and Gyan P. Nyaupane (provided by Kelly Bricker)

Initial Stage

  • Target audience: Gateway Community Forum participants
  • Online questionnaire 
  • Goal: Identify communities that are ripe for exploration of quality of life components

Sample Questions to Gateway Community Forum Participants

  1. To your knowledge, and within the last 10 years, has your community completed any formal process(es) to identify, preserve, or enhance quality of life factors? If no, skip to question 4.
  2. On a scale of 1-10, do residents view the processes as successes (10) or failures (1)?
  3. On a scale of 1-10, do residents view the outcomes as successes (10) or failures (1)?
  4. Would your community benefit from a formalized effort to identify its unique quality of life factors?
  5. If yes, who should we contact next?
  6. When is the best time (season) to distribute household surveys in your community?
  7. On a scale of 1-10, how ready is your community to consider quality of life (1-not ready, 10-very ready)?
  8. Please rank the following QOL factors in terms of importance to your community (options).

Second Stage

  • Develop locality-specific quality of life survey(s)
  • Develop plan of action with community leader(s)
  • Resources needed to accomplish community assessment

Next meeting

  • Monday, June 23rd @ 11am


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