Meeting Minutes, February 13, 2014


  • Robert McElaney, Leslie Crossland, Cory MacNulty, Zachary Bolick, Tenneson Woolf, Lora Gale, Erika Pollard
  • Convener: Robert McElaney, Phone: 435-826-4297, Email: , Title: Escalante Business Owner


  • Robert manages a business in Escalante.
  • Cory, Erika, and Zach work for NPCA.
  • Leslie is the superintendent of Golden Spike National Historic Site and the acting Utah NPS coordinator.
  • Lora is a recreational planner at Grand Staircase-Escalante for BLM.
  • Tenneson is a professional facilitator and organizational change consultant.


  • Lora is interested in citizen stewardship/collaboration and noted that graffiti is an issue at Grand Staircase. She would like to know how to engage youth and get the word out about how special our public lands are in Utah.
  • Jeff Bradybaugh wrote in that he wants to increase people's understanding of public lands and educate youth about their value
  • Everyone reviewed the sheet from the Forum which spoke about balance, sustainability, youth education, and the need for more collaborative planning.
  • Robert noted that while education is a key factor that helps determine the environmental integrity of a place—so is communication.
  • Everyone felt that communication is a gap that is not being filled—agency to agency and agency to community.
  • Robert pointed out that foreigners are often more in tuned with the public lands in Southern Utah than Americans and that their children are starting to visit like the parents used to.
  • How can we let people know the pros and cons of decisions in gateway communities (Oil and gas development used as an example).
  • Cory and Zach are hoping to launch by the beginning of March. The website will consolidate and house lots of information and will also serve as a communication tool.
  • Can we build off of the 2016 centennial and incorporate that into our work?
  • People need to be engaged not just at the intellectual level, but also the emotional level.
  • Grand staircase is involved in a service first agreement Southern Utah Univ which helps brings federal players together so that they can discuss the issue of engaging and bringing in youth.

Where to Focus?

  • This team could focus on education and outreach—both at the youth and adult levels.
  • There's a real need to get more diverse visitors into parks—how can we help with this?

Next Steps

  • This group may be able to tie into what the tourism and branding groups are doing.
  • We need to get Mary Dewitt and Paul Roelandt involved in this discussion. Paul may even be able to provide the website with a successful collaboration case study.
  • It would be smart to start brainstorming education and outreach ideas involving the NPS 2016 centennial.
  • Next meeting will be held on March 6th at 1 pm. Zach will follow up with an email about this.