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Meeting Minutes, March 4, 2014


  • Michelle Coleman, Cory MacNulty, Zachary Bolick, Paul Larsen, Steve Burr, Delynn Fielding, Tara McKee, Jake Hardman, Marcy DeMillion


  • Steve Burr- USU extension specialist who looks into a variety of rural recreation and economic development issues.
  • Delynn Fielding- State Director of Rural Economic Development
  • Jake Hardman- Rural Outreach specialist who works under DeLynn
  • Tara McKee- Outdoor Recreation Coordinator who works with Brad Petersen.
  • Marcy DeMillion- NPS RTCA coordinator. She's been working on a number of projects throughout the state and noted that they just hired a Landscape Architect fellow to assist their program with projects.
  • Michelle Coleman- Economic Development person for Wayne County
  • Paul Larsen- Economic Development person for Brigham City. They work with Golden Spike and Bear River quite a lot.
  • Cory and Zach- NPCA Southwest Program Manager and Community Coordinator respectively.

Ideas and Potential Projects

  • Would it be possible to run an event similar to the Gateway Forum for Wayne County?
  • How can we bring groups together so that they come up with solutions and utilize their public lands? This involves policy makers, land managers, and leaders.
  • There are small business development centers and grants available as resources throughout the state.
  • This group overlaps somewhat with the Funding group.
  • Each federal land management agency has some economic development component to it in this state. How can we tap into that?
  • Where are meetings occurring and how can we take advantage of those as either models or a place to discuss our own work? An example is the
  • Garfield County Interagency meeting that is held quarterly.

Other CATs

  • Cory and Zach notes that this group may overlap some with the Quality of Life and Funding groups.
  • The 2016 Centennial has been a big topic of discussion in the other CATs.
  • Steve will reach out to Mark, Brad, Delynn, and Jean.

Issues and Opportunities

  • Delynn pointed out that agencies need to be on the same page when they give communities information and that they need to be easily accessible.
  • Michelle expressed her frustration at getting conflicting information from BLM and USFS employees in Wayne County. It isn't always clear who it is they should be contacting for what.
  • Steve noted that the dormant Committee of Outdoor Recreation could be brought back and help alleviate some of the communication issues among federal agencies, state agencies, and local communities. Could we reform this group and have them report out to the Office of Outdoor Recreation and the Office of Tourism?

Next Steps

  • Steve will look into getting the Committee of Outdoor Recreation back together.
  • Zach and Steve will work together to send out meeting notes and an agenda for the next meeting.
  • Zach and Cory will meet with people in the Governor's office to discuss how it is they'd like to partner regarding www.utahgatewaycommunity.org.
  • Everyone should begin thinking about how to hook this group's work into the Outdoor Recreation Summit that's being held on May 8th.
  • Everyone should refine their thoughts and come up with specific action items for the next meeting.
  • Our next meeting will be April 7th, 3:30-4:30 pm.