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Meeting Minutes, February 10, 2014


  • Michelle Coleman, David Nimkin , Cory MacNulty, Zachary Bolick, Paul Larsen, Steve Burr
  • Convener: Steve Burr, Phone: 435-797-7094, Email: , Title: Utah State Univ Professor


  • Who is missing from this group? Perhaps we could engage Delynn Fielding, Brad Petersen, and Jean Syler? In addition it might be helpful to contact Mark Maryboy.
  • How much does this group overlap with the Funding group?
  • Everyone is interested in how public land managers can better connect with local community leaders so that they can protect the lands while simultaneously boosting town economies.
  • Cory and Zach are hoping to launch the gateway website at the beginning of March. It will include collaboration case studies and other relevant information.

Where to focus?

  • Local community leaders need to be able to connect better with their local public lands managers so that each understands one another's needs and restrictions.
  • Need to improve the communication between public land managers and local community/business leaders.
  • Garfield and Wayne counties are particularly interested in identifying levels of access into the lands that surround them.
  • We can look into potential funding opportunities for local communities and public lands.

Action Items

  • Can we help convene a panel or world café discussion at a local community or tourism meeting with public land managers in order to better connect and educate people? Opportunities for this might include the "league of cities and towns", "Utah rural summit", or "Governor's rural economic board".
  • Steve pointed out that there were similar groups that convened during the time of the Olympics.

Next Steps

  • Steve and Cory will send out the initial notes taken at the Gateway Forum to everyone.
  • Steve will reach out to Mark, Brad, Delynn, and Jean.
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