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Meeting Minutes, April 7, 2014



  • Steve Burr, Michelle Coleman, Cory MacNulty, Paul Larsen, , Delynn Fielding, Tara McKee, Jake Hardman, Brad Peterson

Ideas and potential projects

  • Need to identify top 3 issues or items from Economic Development to share with the Leadership Team.  We will potentially reconfigure or merge CATs around the top projects


  • Mechanisms to improve communication among federal land managers, counties (economic development and tourism) and local government.
  • Tap into existing meetings and gatherings (League of Cities and Towns, Outdoor Recreation Summit)
  • Work through the Office of Outdoor Recreation but recognize that the Outdoor Recreation work is not just focused on gateway communities
  • Revitalize the Utah Council for Outdoor Recreation – Steve and Brad to take this idea offline to determine how it differs/adds to the current Outdoor Recreation Advisory Committee.

Economic development and community development/planning 

  • Delynn noted there are resources in place for planning but there is a lack of funding for implementation of plans, particularly for infrastructure and construction
  • Office of Rural Economic Development and Outdoor Recreation are getting the word out about funding and resources.  Requesting $2 million in 2015 from the State Legislature for recreation infrastructure.
  • Brad pointed out that counties and rural communities are now buying into the statewide program and may be willing to advocate for funding.
  • 25 of 29 counties in Utah are rural and rural economies are declining.  Time to retool.
  • Counties need a business plan, proper funding and support to monetize their recreation opportunities
  • Potential project – identify a standard process or model for community planning and visioning that would include an outside facilitator
    • USU Extension Outdoor Recreation and Tourism (Steve Burr) provides tourism economic development planning that includes a day long workshop to 1) community visioning, 2) inventory of assets (public lands, tourism and outdoor recreation, events, trails, heritage, etc.), and 3) entrepreneurialism and small business development


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