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Meeting Minutes, January 27, 2014

Published in Collaboration


  • Jim Ireland, Cory Roegner, Gael Hill, Dave Nimkin, Thomas Dansie, Loyal Clark, Cory MacNulty, Zachary Bolick, Rick Schuler


  • Cory and Zach have been meeting with Brad Petersen and Delynn Fielding about how the state might be able to tie into the website.
  • It was confirmed that the Utah Gateway Community Design Team would like to continue to meet.
  • Gael noted that LaVerkin recently completed a high intersection and used a Scenic Byway grant to do it.

Where to focus?

  • People often don't know who the right contacts are in a region in order to get a project going. Perhaps we could help by putting together a directory of key contacts (agency and community folks).
  • Need to improve the communication between parks, astronomy clubs, communities, agencies, chambers of commerce, and individual leaders.
  • Jim thinks it's important to figure out who our target audience is for www.utahgatewaycommunity.org.
  • Everyone thinks it would be a good idea to have an archive on the website that contains a collection of collaborative success story examples throughout Utah.

Next Steps

  • Jim Ireland will put together a directory of NPS Utah contacts.
  • Cory Roegner will put together a directory of BLM Utah contacts.
  • Loyal Clark will put together a directory of USFS Utah contacts.