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Meeting Minutes, November 26, 2013

Published in Collaboration


  • Jim Ireland, Brad Petersen, Gael Hill, Louis Haynes, Thomas Dansie, Loyal Clark, Cory MacNulty, Zachary Bolick
  • Convener: Jim Ireland, Phone: 801-756-5239 x101, Email: , Title: Timpanogos Cave Superintendent

Initial Ideas

  • Identify where collaboration is happening today and where we have gaps, then begin to develop a plan to close the gaps.
  • Develop a communication plan around collaboration, and share the plan broadly, especially taking advantage of electronic means of communication.
  • Identify best practices, case studies where good collaboration is happening and create a "template" or "road map" for regions or communities to duplicate what has worked elsewhere.
  • Need for a tangible product(s). Could be a plan, event, examples of case studies, etc., but something concrete.
  • Look for ways that agencies and others not only communicate but 'add value' to the work of others or to the end result.
  • Use of existing groups, networks, meetings /events, etc. to support better collaboration. The Scenic Byways, for example, tie together a number of stakeholders and agencies along their lengths.
  • Collaboration is an "umbrella" of sorts, touching many different issues and projects. This group can help develop and provide tools to help others improve collaboration.

Who is missing?

  • Marcy DeMillion from NPS and RTCA.
  • County and rural economic development people (Delyn Fielding, Dan Royal, Jake Harding).
  • BLM presence

NPCA and Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation Roles

  • How does NPCA tie into the Utah outdoor.utah.gov website?
  • Cory, Zach, and others to sign onto the newsletter.
  • Cory and Zach will meet with Brad to further discuss the similarities, differences, and avenues for collaboration regarding the recreation website, etc...
  • How robust is NPCA's list of community leaders and could it help inform Brad's? Also, is this a list worth sharing with the collaboration group for future projects?
  • How broad should our group be and what is NPCA's capacity to sustain this? We need to make sure we're complimenting Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation's work and not duplicating it.

Future Team Actions

  • Jim noted that in addition to communication, this group might play a role in identifying key examples of successful collaboration from around the state. Louise and Tom feel that the Springdale area could play a large role here.
  • Tom and Loyal suggested that the group help identify and connect leaders on a regional basis. In other words, how is it the collaboration group can help make regions stronger and better connected with the leaders in their areas?
  • Do we spend time looking into the possibility of putting together a report regarding best practices or do we simply offers examples of success?

Next Steps

  • Jim agreed to create a doodle poll to schedule a follow up meeting in mid-December in order to keep momentum going before the Christmas / New Year holiday, with the goal for that meeting of identifying key efforts / work products and champions for each who will begin to develop them early next year.