Meeting Minutes, December 18, 2013

Published in Branding


  • Nancy Dalton, Shirley Torgerson, Rick Wixom, Cory MacNulty, Zachary Bolick
  • Convener: Nancy Dalton, Phone: 435.463.3735, Email: , Title: Scenic Byways Coordinator

Initial Interest

  • New chances to form relationships between communities and parks because of leadership turnover.
  • Would like to continue a strong relationship with parks and develop new and creative branding ideas/strategies.
  • NPS units draw in visitors—how do the communities that provide the amenities to these places tap into that and become associated with the parks.


  • Provide support in any way possible in order to help the group realize its goals
  • There are opportunities for this group to be involved in networking and the dissemination of information; what has and hasn't worked regarding Branding

Forum Branding Discussion Review

  • Spoke about the need to host community level events so that people are on the same page about community identity...this needs to include the NPS.
  • There could be value in figuring out a way to document or share Branding best practices, successes and failures, and best methods

Ideas for Branding team

We could pick a specific project that involves looking toward the 2016 centennial

  • How do we involve smaller and less known communities in broader centennial promotion efforts?
  • Springdale has had past successes involving the celebration of centennials with Zion
  • This team could potentially piggy back off of the Office of Tourism's efforts to promote the centennial
  • There is a national campaign involving a market firm that the NPS is going to use to promote the centennial. How do we tie into that
  • Figure out a way to use the centennial on our printed materials and social media sites
  • Should we bring this up at the Utah State Tourism conference in May? Yes, but we should touch base with Nan Anderson and even consider a breakout session.

Next Steps

  • Association of Partners for Public Lands meeting is being held in February. The team could potentially tie into this in some fashion or another
  • Rick is going to email out helpful materials to the group regarding the marketing of Springdale
  • Cory will check in with Lesha as to whether or not she has electronic versions of some of her outreach materials.
  • We should send a feeler out to the entire directory regarding successes and failures of gateway branding.
  • Nancy will send out meeting notes and Zach will help to schedule a time for the next meeting in January.