Current Projects

Gateway Community Visioning Process

Both quality of life and economic development are important aspects of a strong and healthy gateway community.  Recognizing this, members of the Utah Gateway Community Forum, along with NPCA staff, are currently working on and designing a process for Utah gateway communities to undergo so that they might better be able to define for themselves what kind of community it is they want to developt. This group involves numerous stakeholders from across the state and includes people from the Governor's office, local communities, federal agencies, and academia.  

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Utah Tourism NPS Centennial Break-Out Session

The National Parks Conservation Association is working closely with a group of federal, state, and local partners to design a break-out sessions at this year's Utah Tourism Conference that will better inform interested parties as to how they can connect with nationwide and statewide NPS Centennial marketing efforts.  A brief description of this session can be found here

In addition, this group plans to meet on an iterative basis in order to plan and coordinate NPS Centennial activities and events throughout the state.  If you are interested in becoming a part of this group and planning team please contact Cory MacNulty or Zachary Bolick. 


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Website and Newsletter Management

Members of the Collaboration and Community Involvement CATs have come together to form a group that is assisting NPCA staff with the Utah Gateway Community Forum website and monthly newsletter.  This team provides content and layout suggestions for each of these key gateway community tools on an iterative basis.  In addition, individuals of this team are serving as key spokespersons for the forum. 

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