Community Action Team

During the Utah Gateway Community Forum participants were asked to identify topics of interest to them and organize into groups based on their preference of topic.  After discussing these areas of focus at length, nearly 50 participants chose to carry on their conversations beyond the Forum.  These groups, otherwise known as Community Action Teams (CAT), continued to meet until May, upward of five times each, and were the first stage in the Utah Gateway Community Forum process. 

Since May these teams have entered into a second stage of process and divided themselves into project focused groups.  These specific projects include an NPS centennial focused break-out session for the 2014 Utah Tourism conference, a Utah focused quality of life and economic development visioning process, and a Utah gateway community forum website and newsletter. So far each group has managed to hold around three meetings. Listed below is a brief description of each specific project and original CAT. 

If you would like to join any of these specific gateway community projects, start your own, or simply lend your voice in support of one please contact Cory MacNulty and Zachary Bolick.