Utah Gateway Community Forum Launches Website

25 March 2014 Published in News

“Utah's beauty―nowhere displayed better than at our National Parks―draws visitors from all over the world and spurs a tourism industry that is indispensable to our state economy…Many visitors to our National Parks spend time in gateway communities. Their perception of Utah is molded largely by the good experiences they have in those communities.” –Gary R. Herbert, Governor

Collaboration and communication are vital components to ensuring that Utah’s gateway communities and public lands develop and maintain strong and mutually beneficial relationships. By working together these key players are better able to strategize, compromise, and ultimately realize their goals and aspirations. 

Working from this basic idea, this website is designed to serve as a space where Utah’s public land managers and state and local community leaders can share information, communicate with one another, and become better connected so as to strengthen their relationships. We encourage you to visit and interact with this website regularly as it is Utah’s one stop spot for information about its gateway communities and public lands.

Why Should I use this Website?

Communication and information! This website exists to help Utah’s state and local community leaders and public land managers connect in ways that will strengthen gateway communities while protecting public lands for present and future generations.  It is the only website of its kind and contains a variety of useful information including links to valuable community funding sources, an event calendar, a library of successful collaboration stories, an interactive discussion board, and a directory of key Utah gateway community and public lands contacts.  By using this website you will better understand the complexity and importance of Utah’s gateway communities and their relationships with adjacent public lands. 

How do I get involved?

  • Join a Community Action Team
  • Share your stories of successful community & public land collaboration projects.
  • Share information – events for the calendar and grant opportunities
  • Use the blog as a forum to ask questions of other community leaders and public land managers   

If you have questions about the website or would like to submit an event to our calendar or a success story to our archive, please contact us.